A Complete Guide to Functional Office Furniture

If you’re a typical office worker, you’re spending approximately 5 1/2 hours per day sitting at your desk. When you add this to the time when you are driving to and from work and then sitting down for dinner at night and watching some TV afterwards, it all adds up to a lot of sitting time. It’s important to find functional office furniture to make sure that workers are comfortable at work in order to increase productivity and to maintain their health.

Ergonomic office furniture Mississauga helps to keep the strain off specific parts of the body that are most often affected. This includes the back, the neck, the wrists and anywhere else where a person would usually feel stress on the body if not sitting properly. Ergonomics and office furniture Mississauga go hand-in-hand to ensure a safe workplace has been set up for all the workers.

Modern Office Furniture Designs and Ergonomics

In the past, the design of furniture did not take into account the stress factors that are put on the body when sitting down for extended periods of time. In fact, it has only been recently that we have learned how prolonged sitting can affect the whole body. When one body part is strained, it can negatively affect other areas of the body so that the person leaves work in pain. Fortunately, modern office furniture designs take ergonomics into account and acknowledge the fact that every person is built differently.

Everyone has his own shape and size and what is comfortable for one person may be physically damaging for another. For example, most desks are built at a certain height so there should be chairs available that can be raised or lowered as required to fit the needs of each individual employee. Look for modern office furniture and chairs that are adjustable to provide the comfort required by workers.

Productivity and Affordable Office Furniture

The goal should be to create ideal conditions in the workplace with the best ergonomic Mississauga affordable office furniture. In order to achieve this, there are certain conditions that should be put into place for the following body parts:

Lumbar Support for the Back

Look for ergonomically-designed Mississauga affordable office furniture that provides good lumbar support for the back. If the lumbar area is not well supported, the person will start hunching forward and this will affect the entire posture. The neck, back, head and legs can all be affected if you don’t end up purchasing the right chairs that promote good posture.

Eyes on the Monitor

Search for office furniture that allows workers to put the monitor in an ideal position. The monitor should be situated directly in front of the employee with so that the eyes are positioned to look directly at the top third of the screen. This provides some flexibility as well so that if the person starts to get a little tired during the day and his eyes start to look down, his overall position won’t be affected.

The monitor should also be placed so that it isn’t too close or too far away. Ideally, the employee shouldn’t have to strain his eyes when looking at the screen and in most cases the monitor would be placed somewhere between the knuckles and the fingertips when the person is seated and extends his arms forwards. Make sure that the desks you are purchasing for the office workers are deep enough so that the monitor can be placed at a comfortable distance away from the employees.

Ergonomic Furniture for the Elbows and Arms

The elbows should be resting on the armrest of the chair at an equal level to the desk surface. This will take the strain off the wrists so that they can comfortably rest on the desk surface when writing or typing. The way to accomplish this height is to provide adjustable chairs so that both short and tall people can continue to work in comfort.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can affect the overall productivity in a work environment since it has become a widespread condition due to the increase in computer use in the office. When you select the right office furniture Mississauga you can combat this condition. Information should also be provided to employees regarding the correct posture and placement of their arms so that they are educated about ergonomics in the workplace. Giving them the right tools and the education to use them properly can greatly increase productivity. An employee that is in pain simply won’t be able to produce as much as a person that is pain-free.

The Proper Angles for Feet and Legs

An employee should be given the ability to have his feet resting flat on the floor with his legs positioned at a 90 degree angle. This will help reduce body aches, nerve pain, fatigue and muscle pain. If the legs can’t be at this angle, it can negatively affect blood circulation. Make sure that the modern office furniture you choose provides flexibility for workers so that they are able to adjust to their working conditions. All chairs should provide the ability to adjust the seat height.

Affordable Office Furniture in Mississauga

Ergonomic office furniture should also be affordable. Look for high quality furniture that is offered at a reasonable price before making your selection. Be wary of any furniture you see that is too low-priced since it may not be able to stand the test of time. Make sure that you are buying your Mississauga affordable office furniture from a reputable company that is dedicated to customer satisfaction and has a solid reputation behind it. After all, you’ll want this furniture investment to last for years.

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