The Many Benefits of Wooden Modern Office Furniture

Wooden Modern Office Furniture by Golden Wind Furniitre

Modern furniture for the office place can be made from a number of different materials including wood. Wooden modern office furniture provides a timeless look since this material has been used to construct furniture for years upon years. There are many benefits to using wooden furniture and some of the top reasons why you may want to invest in this type of office furniture are listed below.

 Wood Is Versatile

Wood can be used in any type of residential, industrial or commercial property since it can conform so easily to its environment. No matter what type of design you want such as modern or traditional, you’ll find it with wood furniture. No matter what type of style you’re looking for, it’s also available.

Wood Is Durable

Wood can pass the test of time much better than a lot of other materials. Wood has always been known for its durability and strength. There are many different types of wood that can be used for making furniture including hardwoods such as walnut, maple, ash and oak. These woods can last for centuries and can be passed from one generation to the next. When you are furnishing an office space think of wooden modern office furniture to get the best value for your money.

Wood Provides Variety

The same type of wood looks completely different from one furniture piece to the next. There are many different finish options available, which include matte, glossy and high-gloss. The wood may be stained in a variety of colours and one piece of furniture may have several different stain colours applied to make the furniture piece look unique, modern and contemporary.

Wood Is Sustainable

Wood is a naturally growing product and new and improved forestry standards mean that it is harvested in a sustainable way. The forests and our environment are taken into account with new trees being replanted all the time. There is no way to replicate the look and feel of wood or the beauty of it. No two pieces of wood are ever the same and this adds more character to the furniture. 

If sourced at a local level, the transportation costs for getting the wood to the manufacturing building are much lower. When you consider how much pollution is made when using processed materials imported from another country along with the fuel used to get it to its destination, you can see why wooden modern office furniture just makes sense.

Many Styles to Choose From

Office wood furniture is available in a variety of different styles. No matter what type of look you want to give to your office you can make it a comfortable environment for employees and guests when you choose modern office furniture made of wood. Only wood provides the unique combination of structural integrity and aesthetics that makes your office place look welcoming while at the same time ensuring that the furniture lasts virtually forever.

A Health Boost with a Wooden Reception Station

Give visitors to your worksite and employees an extra health boost by incorporating a wooden reception station into your office. We have all been told about the many benefits of getting back to nature and breathing in some fresh clean air but when you’re on the job it’s difficult to do. A wooden reception station, however, can bring the outdoors into your office and with a few green plants scattered around you’ll feel some of the same effects that you would experience in nature.

It has been proven that adding plants to the office can increase oxygen levels. As a result, employees remain more alert during the working day. This added oxygen also reduces overall stress. Wood is an important part of nature and there are ongoing studies that link plants and wooden office furniture to improved health and a better sense of well-being.

Increase Productivity with Wooden Office Furniture

Productivity has become a buzzword recently since it has been shown to be vital to keeping a business successful. Employers are constantly looking for new and improved methods to raise productivity levels within the office space. A satisfied, healthy and happy employee will work harder and more competently than a disgruntled worker. There are studies showing that productivity can go up by approximately 15% when wooden furniture is added into an office environment. This furniture can reduce stress, improve a person’s mood and increase the speed and quality of work produced by employees.

These are the reasons why it makes sense to add wooden modern office furniture to the workplace. If you are currently working around metal and plastic furniture and want to completely redo the office with new wooden furniture, think of us first. We have a wide variety of wooden furniture available including executive office desks and chairs, wooden office desks and much more.

Timeless and Classic

Wooden furniture is classic and timeless yet can be designed in modern styles to meet the needs for today’s brands. There is something about wood that cannot be matched by metal or plastic and this is one of the reasons why wooden furniture has been trending for the last couple of years. It will never go out of style and has a long history and heritage behind it.

When you want your brand to tell a story, use wooden furniture to make it happen. The design of your office as well as the furniture in it is a direct reflection of how you feel about your business. Think of everything you want your brand to express to others and then design your office around this mission statement. Let the physical world describe what your business means to you and how committed you are to your customers and clientele.

Give your office the furniture it deserves. Make your work space look as professional as possible with all of the additional benefits listed above. Take a look at the wooden modern office furniture available at now to see how your office can be transformed instantly to give it a brand-new ambiance.

Why Should You Change Your Office Furniture in Toronto?

here are many changes that have taken place during the last two years. The way offices conduct standard business practices has evolved due to the pandemic. More and more people began working at home and while some have returned to the office place, others have continued to work at home either on a full-time or a part-time schedule. Today’s office furniture must conform to any changes that have been implemented in order to promote high productivity.

Office furniture in Toronto has a direct effect on workers in the GTA. The furniture motivates people to be creative, to change and to be innovative in their work practices. It’s a time for a complete transformation and furniture is a powerful tool to make this happen. 

The Role of Modern Office Furniture 

Modern office furniture and the design of it has the purpose of creating work spaces that are functional and aesthetic. This allows each employee to do their tasks in the most comfortable and practical ways possible. It also allows for collaboration and communication spaces to highlight teamwork. New modern furniture has been designed to be ergonomically efficient while remaining comfortable. Every worker can make adjustments to their work spaces to sit pain-free without running the risk of being injured.


Since it was first introduced, ergonomic office furniture allows businesses to redesign the layout using ergonomic principles. Studies have shown that satisfaction with the work environment increases when ergonomic office furniture in Toronto is used. It’s important to have the most comfortable furniture possible and this is one of the most important reasons why you should change your office furniture in Toronto if it is outdated.

Company Growth

A business must ensure that it has enough furniture to fit the needs of all employees. During an expansive period of growth there is often the need to bring in new modern office furniture to facilitate the company’s expansion.

 You can either add onto the furniture that is currently sitting in the office or simply replace all of it. This is a good opportunity to put a new look into the office that defines your success. It will also show your employees that the company is secure and thriving.

Obsolescent Furniture

While furniture doesn’t technically have a “use by date”, it does start to look old, worn and tired after some time. As well, new forms of technology are continually being introduced into furniture, which will enhance the functionality of the office place. Your company should be keeping up with the latest advancements and trends in order to show your clients, employees and customers that your business is a trendsetting entity. Modern office furniture can help you display this concept in a physical form.

Replace Low-Quality Furniture

If your furniture isn’t old and tired but was of low quality when you first purchased it, now may be the best time to upgrade it. If your office desks and other office furniture in Toronto were cheaply made with particle board or other soft boards, look for furniture constructed from solid wood that will last for years. You’ll notice how much different it looks and feels once you replace your old pieces with affordable, high quality modern office furniture.

Create a New Image

When you’re reinventing your brand and want to portray a new image it’s time to get new Toronto office furniture. Look for pieces with clean lines and a sleek look when you want your office to have a contemporary feel to it. Choose a design configuration with a central theme that matches the essence of your brand.

When Old Furniture Becomes Painful

If you find that a lot of employees have started to complain of neck pain, back pain or other types of injuries it may be due to the office chairs you currently have in place. Now is the time to upgrade and replace them before more workers start to complain of similar issues. Look for office chairs that provide lumbar support in order to reduce back strain and to prevent more serious injuries from occurring to the spine.

Keep up with the Changing Furniture Fashions

Yes, there is such a thing as furniture fashion and it’s all a part of the ever-changing office environments and society that we live in. Furniture fashion is always evolving so you’ll need to keep up with the latest trends if it’s important for your office to show others that you’re staying in touch with the new trends. This is especially important for companies that entertain potential clients in order to procure new business.

Productivity Has Been Declining

There is a direct link between productivity and the furniture found in offices. If you have noticed that your productivity has been going down lately, try giving your office a boost with new modern office furniture. Perhaps you need to add screens between the desks to allow for more privacy or maybe you need to convert the office into an open space where teams can collaborate and converse about their projects freely.

Modern office furniture helps a business achieve a quality space. Other factors to consider include incorporating enough storage space into the area, keeping the office clean and making sure that the lighting in each area is appropriate. Your business depends on keeping productivity as high as possible so run through a checklist of these different factors in order to find out what could be impacting the productivity of your workers. In many cases the furniture you have plays a huge role since an uncomfortable employee is a distracted worker that can’t possibly focus on the tasks at hand.

Affordable Office Furniture in Toronto

When you need to replace the furniture in your office you’ll be looking for high quality yet affordable office furniture in Toronto. At GW Furniture we design and construct furniture pieces for today’s evolving office spaces. Take a look at our huge range of furniture now at Improve productivity and boost morale by changing the vibe and the atmosphere for your business.

Make Your Lobby Look Its Best with a Modern Reception Desk

Reception desk by Golden Wind Furniture in Toronto and Mississauga

As the Covid-19 pandemic starts to wind down, your customers and clients will be returning in droves. You have your front doors open and ready to welcome them in and the first thing they’re going to see is your lobby or reception area. This is the time when you will make either a great first impression or a bad one. If the desk you have currently in your lobby isn’t up to par you should be looking for a modern reception desk soon.

The Reception Station Is the First Point of Contact

When a client enters your premises the first point of contact he will have with an employee from your company is at the reception station. This is where a friendly greeting will be made and the person can sign in and let his presence be known. If you currently have an older reception station that has seen better days, now is the time to upgrade to a modern reception desk.

Businesses rely on their reputations to either make it or break it in both the off-line and the online world. Impressions are made within the first few seconds and if you have created a negative impression right from the beginning it will be an uphill battle to get it to swing in a positive direction. A modern reception desk is a must-have piece of furniture and it should be considered to be the most important piece in the office.

Assess Your Reception Area

The first thing that you should do when you want to spruce up your lobby is go outside and enter the area with a fresh new pair of eyes. Take a look around and see what you notice about the look and the ambience of the space. Have some of your employees do this as well and be sure to take notes for easy reference later on. Compare your notes and see what comes up. You may be dealing with older furniture in the form of a reception station, chairs, couches, end tables, shelving units and coffee tables. Make sure that you spend enough time doing this exercise so that you can dig deeper to find anything you may have overlooked within the first few minutes.

Another thing you can do is to talk to some older and well-established clients that you feel you can trust. Ask them what they think of your reception area and what could possibly be done to improve it. Most people love being asked for advice and will be more than happy to tell you what they think about the area. You may find that you get some great feedback by doing this. After all, these are actual customers that deal with your company and usually they will be speaking on behalf of the rest of your clientele.

Keep the Reception Station and the Area Tidy and Clean 

Although this seems like it’s just stating the obvious, keeping the reception station and the lobby tidy and clean should be a priority. Make sure that the carpeting has no stains on it, the couch and chairs don’t look like they were picked up at a secondhand shop and that the shelves don’t have a deep layer of dust on them. If your reception area or lobby looks like it has been neglected, your customers and clients may come to the conclusion that you don’t pay a lot of attention to detail and don’t really care that much about your business.

Sort through Your Reading Material

You may have some reading material placed on a coffee table, end tables or even at the reception station. If you have magazines that date far back into history, you can be sure that your customers will notice. Keep up with a regular subscription to a few magazines that pertain to your niche and don’t keep any magazines lying around that are more than 3 months old. When you have a modern reception desk it should be adorned with the latest magazines that reflect the current times. Assign the receptionist the job of discarding older magazines and this will also help to reduce a cluttered look within the reception area.

Take Good Care of Your Living Plants

Plants with dead leaves are an eyesore in any room. The receptionist should be assigned the task of taking care of the plants, which should not just include watering them regularly but tending to any overgrowth and dead leaves when necessary. The plants should be pruned from time to time as part of the overall maintenance of the reception area. A modern reception desk should never have an overgrown plant on it that looks like it’s dying.

Take a Look at Your Artwork

If you’re going to be upgrading your lobby it’s time to also assess the artwork that you have hanging on your walls. Do they look old and faded? If you are going to be getting a new modern reception desk, will the artwork that is currently on your walls fit the new contemporary decor? Artwork should highlight the tone of the reception area. If your artwork is outdated, get it replaced as quickly as possible.

Use Comfortable Office Chairs

Besides making a statement in terms of the appearance of your reception area you should also ensure that your office chairs are comfortable. The comfort of your Toronto office chairs and couches that you have set up in your lobby also add to the overall ambience of the room. An uncomfortable client will not be a happy client and may see the things around him in a different way. No matter how much you make your reception area look great, your efforts can all be defeated when you don’t have high-quality Toronto office chairs available in the lobby.

When it’s time to upgrade your reception area with a modern reception desk and other furniture, look at our wide selection of cost-effective furniture solutions at

Refresh Your Office with Affordable Office Furniture

Office Furniture Mississauga and Markham from Golden Wind Furniture Store

Start the new year off with a bang by refreshing your office with Mississauga affordable office furniture. This is a brand new start and hopefully we’ll be saying good riddance to the pandemic by the end of 2022. It’s time to start looking ahead and making big plans for the future.

It can be quite monotonous to spend a lot of time in the same office space day after day. It can drain your energy and make you less productive. Refreshing your office can bring your creativity to a brand-new level and inspire you to reach new heights. You’d be surprised to see what a difference it can make by replacing your old, outdated furniture with Mississauga affordable office furniture. Other things you can do to refresh your space include the following:

Add Some Plant Life

Put some plants around the new Mississauga affordable office furniture you purchase. Studies have shown that adding greenery can actually raise production levels while reducing stress on employees. Look for plants that don’t need a lot of care so that you can remain focused on the tasks at hand while at the same time enjoying the beautiful green plants around you.

Give Your Office a New Paint Job

This is one of the easiest ways to refresh your office before adding any Mississauga affordable office furniture to it. It’s cheap, simple and can make a dramatic effect. Even if you simply paint the walls white you’ll notice a drastic difference if you haven’t painted them in a while. Choose neutral colours for your office space since bright colours are often quite distracting. If you want to get away from whites and beige colours, think of a neutral grey, calming blue or even a soft lavender tone to refresh your office.

Organize Your Space with Our Mississauga Office Furniture

In order to get a refreshed new feeling within the office space, get rid of all the clutter and set up some organizational systems. Look for office furniture  that also provides storage space. Set up filing cabinets and organize them using specific categories so that files can be found easily as soon as you need them. Get desks with a lot of drawer space and create a spot for everything that you use in the office. Let others know where things are so if they use anything they’ll know exactly where to put them back when they’re done.

Look for Ergonomic Office Furniture

If your business is set up in the Markham area, look for ergonomic Markham office furniture that will make your employees feel as comfortable as possible in their working environments. This is the best way to increase productivity. When a worker feels uncomfortable sitting at his desk for hours at a time there is no way that he can remain productive throughout the day. Look for ergonomic office chairs and other ergonomic office furniture that will keep productivity in the office at an all-time high.

Look for Trending Designs for 2022

Find out what the new design trends are for office furniture Mississauga this year. In 2022, many employees have made the switch to either working full-time at home or part-time in their home offices. This means that office designs need to change to keep up with this trend. There will be more video conferencing done by team members that are in the office with other members that are working from home. Make sure that you have workstations in place that can deal with a lot of video conferencing in today’s new digital age.

Social distancing has also become a thing due to the pandemic and it’s expected that this will remain in place for quite a while. We have learned quite a few lessons from our experiences with Covid-19 and one of them is that keeping a distance from other people can lead to less contagion when a virus is present. After Covid-19 has passed there will still be colds and flus circulating around the office. People are more likely to want to stay more distanced in order to protect themselves from these common viruses.

Social distancing is a trend that has occurred over the last two years and is expected to remain for a while. Make sure that your office is set up in such a way that the office furniture Mississauga has some space between the furniture pieces. This way, your employees will feel much more confident about coming into the office when they need to.

Incorporate the Comforts of Home into the Workplace

Many of your employees may have become accustomed to working at home and may have a hard time adjusting back to an office environment. If you can incorporate some of the comforts that are usually found at home into the office you may have a better chance of getting your workers back and focused on work right away. It’s often the little things that count such as providing a kettle where employees can make their own coffee or tea during the day or giving each employee a picture frame where they can place a family photo to set on their desks. Try to create a home away from home for your workers and they will greatly appreciate the effort you put into it.

These are some of the ways you can refresh your office to make sure that 2022 is a new year that stands out above the last two years. Think of what you can do to create a new beginning for your company and your employees this year. Get started by looking at Mississauga affordable office furniture and then make your plans around what you have found. Now is the time to make a refreshing change since a new day is dawning and business practices across Canada are expected to get back to normal in the very near future.

When you need office furniture Mississauga or Markham office furniture please visit our website now at

Reinforcing Business Values with Office Furniture

Mississauga affordable office furniture

Every business has its own set of values and purposes that define their goals. This goes for startup companies along with big corporate companies. There are philosophies and principles behind every business and they are the foundation for the companies’ future. This is all combined into a mission statement that allows consumers to get further insight into the business. This can all be reinforced by choosing the best office furniture that reflects your values.

Office Furniture Provides a Reflection of Your Business

In today’s digital age a lot of companies are focusing on setting up a proper website that not only displays the products and services they have on offer but also offers insight into the company and what it stands for. Companies that have a physical location as well as a digital one must put the same care into furnishing and designing their brick-and-mortar spaces in order to achieve the same effect. This is why it’s so important to choose the office furniture Mississauga that reflects your mission statement.

It is these values and mission statements that create the business culture and strategies. They provide a basis for cohesion and team building within the company and they also have an impact on relationships with consumers, other businesses and stakeholders. Every business will be run differently and the design of the office must be a reinforcement of the corporate values.

How to Design an Office to Reinforce Key Business Concepts

An office must be designed to help the company move forward as it expands. The design should not act in any way as an obstacle to the business as it attempts to reach its goals. The office design will be different from one business to the next since the culture of organizations can be very diverse. Adopting the right design along with the proper Mississauga office furniture can help your business reach its goals faster.

Enclosed Cubicles for Employees

An office that contains enclosed cubicles for its employees that come with high barriers between the workers’ spaces is demonstrating that it does not want direct communication to occur between employees on a regular basis. A worker would have to physically leave his Mississauga office furniture cubicle area and walk into another space in order to have a conversation with another employee. This type of design promotes a culture that is more controlled and the focus of the business would be to keep everyone on track so that everything can be done properly.

On the opposite side of the coin, a workplace that doesn’t offer a lot of individual spaces and has been designed with open working areas for groups promotes a sense of collaboration and teamwork. The setting is much less formal in order to encourage enhanced development strategies by team players.

Creating Inspiration in the Office

Creativity is a key element of many companies that are developing products to offer to the public. This demands a working environment with less individual enclosed spaces and more open areas. There should be a mix of both informal and formal spaces when there is a competitive culture for creating products so that employees can mix with others to brainstorm and then go off to develop their own products. In terms of office furniture Mississauga, this would include office cubicles for individual space along with a large conference table for collaboration.

It’s important to look at both engagement and functionality when determining which Mississauga office furniture should be chosen. This should also be accompanied by a design that emphasizes the core values of the company while boosting the identity of the brand. The core values of the business can often provide a source of inspiration and this should be displayed in the overall design of the office space.

In order to do this properly it is best to work with an interior designer that specializes in commercial office design. You’ll want to work with a designer that can understand the essence of your company and capture it when planning out the layout and key design aspects. You’ll need to be able to share the values of your company and provide a list of them to the designer. Ask the professional to suggest the types of Mississauga office furniture that would best represent your business.

The layout should take into consideration the activities performed by the different teams and how they can collaborate together. The layout of the office must be comfortable for all workers and be a direct representation of the core values of the organization. It also has to be customized to meet the exact needs of the business.

The Mississauga office furniture that you choose must reflect the identity of the corporation in style and color. It must be high-quality furniture that offers top-notch functionality along with an overwhelming aesthetic appeal. It must be chosen with both employees and visitors in mind to form the right impression of your business to others. Look for comfortable chairs that can be placed in the waiting area and modern furniture designs that show that your company is on the cutting edge of new technology.

Survey Your Employees

One of the best ways to determine the best layout and furniture requirements for your office is to send out a survey to employees to find out what they want and need. When you let employees have a say in the decision you may discover some important points that were not considered earlier.

Affordable Office Furniture in Mississauga

High-quality, modern furniture does not always translate into expensive furnishings for the office. You can purchase quality Mississauga affordable office furniture that meets the demands of your office space while promoting your company’s mission statement. It’s all about choosing the right furniture, not the most expensive office furniture on the market.

When you’re looking for high-end Mississauga affordable office furniture with a modern design, visit our website at You’ll find unique, one-of-a-kind affordable furniture for your office that will provide a lasting impression on guests and make employees as productive as possible.

The Benefits of Using Standing Desks with Office Furniture

Modern Office Furniture Toronto

If you haven’t heard of standing desks before, they are small desks that fit onto larger desks and they can be raised up or down as needed. You’ll have the option of choosing the right height for you and you can sit or stand to work as you want. They have become increasingly popular during the last few years due to the immense health benefits they offer. If you have been looking at standing desks for office furniture in Toronto then find out what the benefits are and why you should get one today.

Sitting for Long Periods of Time Is Detrimental to Your Health
Studies have shown that sitting too long is bad for your health. Office workers and even people at home that sit for a length of time every day run a higher risk of developing heart disease and diabetes and there is an increased risk of dying earlier. Sitting for long periods of time doesn’t burn a lot of calories, which contributes to obesity and weight gain.

This is a huge problem for people that work at offices because they are required to sit for the majority of the day. As a result, they are at more risk of developing health conditions. Standing desks are the solution and they pair well with modern Toronto office furniture.

Also known as sit/stand desks and height-adjustable desks, studies also suggest that the use of them can increase productivity in the office. When you want to improve your health, standing desks are worth looking at.

Obesity and Weight Gain
Obesity and weight gain are on the rise across the country. It just stands to reason that you’ll be at a lower risk of gaining weight when you use a standing desk since standing burns more calories than sitting. It’s been estimated that the average person will burn more than 170 extra calories by standing for an afternoon versus sitting. When you add this up over the course of a week a person will burn about 1,000 more calories by simply standing instead of sitting at Toronto office furniture standing desks.

Modern Office Furniture, Standing Desks and Blood Sugar Levels

Today’s modern office furniture takes into account that many employees will be using standing desks. When you need a new office desk take a look at the new modern ones that are on the market today. They accommodate the standing desks that have also been linked to lowering blood sugar levels. This is especially important for people that are suffering from Type II diabetes or insulin resistance.

Research has shown that blood sugar spikes that are common after lunch can be reduced by 43% when a person stands instead of sits. Another study has shown that alternating between sitting and standing every half-hour during the workday may reduce spikes in blood sugar by as much as 11%. These are huge findings that can positively impact the health of employees.

May Lower the Risk of Developing Heart Disease
Experts suggest that prolonged sitting may increase the risk of developing heart disease by as much as 147%. Even exercising for an hour cannot undo the negative effects caused by an entire day of sitting. It has been widely accepted by the medical community that the more you sit, the greater chance you have of developing this horrible disease.

Reduces Back Pain
When using standing desks with modern office furniture you may find that your back pain gets alleviated. Back and neck pain are some of the most common complaints of workers in offices that have to sit for their jobs. Participants in a recent study reported that their neck and upper back pain was reduced by 54% after using standing desks for 4 weeks. This is a dramatic improvement and for workers that are suffering from neck or back pain due to prolonged sitting, this is the perfect solution.

Standing Office Desk to Increase Productivity

A standing office desk can help increase productivity in the office. It doesn’t take long before you’ll get used to working in a standing position and with energy and mood levels improving, productivity can get a significant boost. Office managers should consider combining modern office furniture with standing office desks to keep productivity in the office place at an all-time high.

Sitting can be difficult for a person’s mental health as well. When an office worker has to remain in a fixed position for hours at a time it can be a heavy load to bear. The shoulders slump forward and the head tilts forward in a way that can put a lot of strain on the employee both physically and mentally. Giving the employee the option to sit or stand gives the worker flexibility, which is good for the person’s overall health.

Standing desks can improve mental health, are good for the metabolism and reduce the risk of developing a number of chronic diseases. While it certainly would be a lifestyle change, it’s an important one to make. It’s best to get started slowly with them by standing at your office desk Toronto 50% of your time and then sitting for the other 50%. You can then spend more time standing according to your own personal preference.

Modern Office Furniture in Toronto
Standing desks should be only a part of a Toronto office furniture update for the workplace. Ergonomic chairs should also be purchased as well as new desks that are the appropriate height for workers. Reception desks and executive desks may also need to be replaced in order to give the office a fresh, new look.

When it’s time to boost morale in the office by providing more comfortable furnishings it’s time to take a look at GW Furniture. We provide modern office furniture that is perfect for standing desks along with the other types of furniture you may require at affordable prices. See our line of furniture for today’s contemporary workplace by visiting our website now at

How to Understand the ROI of Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chairs Toronto

Ergonomic Office Chairs Toronto

We’ve all heard how great ergonomic office furniture is for a business but the importance of ergonomic furniture has never been more pronounced than it is now. With more employees working from home it’s crucial that the right office chairs Toronto are used in both home offices and in physical business offices. There are too many people working from home that are sinking into a comfortable sofa with a pillow balancing their laptop.

People that are working at home often don’t have an ergonomic chair that they can use while sitting at the kitchen table. Many workers did not set up a home office environment before the pandemic began and were caught by surprise when they had to work at home. Businesses must ensure that all employees, either working on-site or off-site, are using ergonomic furniture because it does affect the ROI of the company.

Increased Productivity
It’s extremely difficult for employees to work to the best of their capabilities when they are experiencing mental fatigue, physical pain and discomfort. They will not be able to perform as many tasks during the day and will end up taking more time off work as a result of their physical ailments. The ROI of the business suffers when ergonomic office chairs Toronto and other ergonomic furniture are not an integral part of the office scene.

Medical and Legal Claims
It has been estimated that almost 33% of the compensation claims filed by workers are due to musculoskeletal disorders. This includes damaged tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves and muscles. Ergonomic modern office furniture is key to preventing these types of disorders.

Higher Retention of Employees
It’s important to keep the morale of the office high by providing optimum comfort so that work can be performed well. Employees that are able to accomplish tasks that are challenging are much more likely to remain on the job. This means that the company will spend less time searching for new employees and won’t have to train as many either.

Quality of Work
In order to ensure that the company is getting the best quality of work from all employees it must provide an environment that promotes a focused mind and a strong body. Strong employees equates to a strong business with a higher income potential.

The ROI of Ergonomic Office Chairs

Making the investment in ergonomic office chairs is a win-win situation for both the business owner and the employees. This type of investment is just as important if not more important than investing in quality recruitment and training. With lower medical expenses, less lost workdays and fewer unheld positions, the company will experience explosive ROI relatively quickly.

Research has clearly shown that an intensive ergonomic program set forth in the workplace is always cost-effective. When you keep employees productive and in a good mind frame, they will feel more invested in the company and will feel like the company really cares for them. In return they will provide more dedication, hard work and commitment to their company. Investing in ergonomic office chairs is one of the best assets that you can give to your business.

It can be difficult to actually determine the ROI of this type of investment since there is no clear-cut simple answer. One of the factors that can be looked at, however, in order to estimate the ROI are the indirect and direct costs that are associated with employee injuries. You can examine the direct costs by examining what you have been paying for compensation claims by workers and the additional costs for medical care such as physical therapy.

The indirect costs involved may be more difficult to determine but they may include the following:

  • Less productivity
  • Increased premiums for insurance
  • Higher turnover rate
  • Replacement costs for any damaged materials

While it can be hard to put an exact number on the indirect costs you can make general assumptions of what these costs would be. In general, it is usually found that there is a ratio that equates to 4:1. This means that an investment in ergonomic office chairs will provide a substantial ROI to the company.

There have been a lot of long-range studies that have looked at the ROI of ergonomics. One study in particular, conducted by the (GAO) Government’s General Accounting Office in the United States determined that the cost of injury claims following an intervention of an ergonomic program was lowered by as much as $16,500 on average. Other studies showed that the payback period for interventions with ergonomic furniture such as ergonomic chairs was less than a year.

Happy Employees = A Flourishing Business
There is no doubt that keeping employees happy and healthy should be an important part of any organization’s goals. Google is one of the biggest and most prominent companies in the world and it has set up programs to make sure that the employees can work to the best of their abilities at all times. People are scrambling to work at Google and for good reason. The care of workers should always be a priority for a business that wants to last long into the future and prosper.

Modern Office Furniture in Toronto

If your office is still full of older, traditional types of chairs it’s time to upgrade them ASAP. Modern office furniture is designed with ergonomics in mind all the way from office chairs up to office desks and cubicles. Older furniture was designed without taking ergonomics into account and your employees will suffer if you are still using old-school office furniture.

As a business with remote workers you should also support the purchase of ergonomic office chairs for these employees. Make sure that everyone that is working for you is positioned correctly when working at the kitchen table or at a desk and has the proper lumbar support. The ROI results prove that taking employee health into your own hands is something that should be done sooner than later.

Find out more about ergonomics and modern office furniture by visiting our website now at

Office Conference Table for the Post Covid 19 Era

Office Conference Table Toronto and the GTA

While it certainly has been a struggle, businesses have been working on ways to maintain safety in the work environment during the outbreak of Covid-19. It has changed the landscape of meetings and how they operate and this has led to a redesign of conference rooms for the future. Now, all teams must be brought together as one and this is where it can get tricky.

In some offices there will be workers that will be coming to work every day, some employees that will still be working from home and there may be hybrid workers that do both. The need to conduct in-person and virtual meetings must be looked at as a whole while keeping safety in mind. The right office conference table must be chosen that can meet all the requirements for different types of workers.

Office Furniture for In-Person Meetings

In-person meetings offer a number of different benefits including less distractions, better engagement and more opportunities to collaborate. Relation-building and brainstorming amongst team members can be done easier when members are meeting face-to-face in most cases. Virtual meetings have become much better over time but many workers believe they can never replace face-to-face interactions. This is why so many companies are encouraging workers to get back into the office on a full-time basis.

Of course, in person meetings must be kept safe and the right Toronto office furniture must be used to meet this goal. A larger office conference table may be required to facilitate these needs. When you keep social distancing in mind and consider that spacing between employees will be an important guideline to follow for many years ahead, your company may need a larger conference table for meetings.

Online Virtual Meetings
Many companies will still hold online virtual meetings with some employees working from the office while others are working at home. This means that there must be enough space on the table to hold multiple computer screens for these meetings to take place. Determine how many people will need to be accommodated, the distance required between them and the number of computer monitors that the conference meeting table will need to hold.

When you consider that there must be spacing now between employees anyway, this doesn’t turn out to be a huge problem. You’ll just need to make sure that your office conference table is large enough to accommodate spacing and extra computer room at the same time. Many businesses have found that the time has come to not only update the conference table for the office but the rest of the Toronto office furniture as well.

Another thing to take into account is the ever-changing landscape that we are living in. If there is a time when Covid-19 is not problematic like it is now, all workers may return to the office and there may not be the need for social distancing. This is hard to think about right now, however, and you’ll need to take a look at what the future holds in store both long-term and short-term.

Office Furniture and Flexibility for the Future
One thing that we could never have predicted was the pandemic and the effect it would have on businesses. Who would have thought that it would lead to complete office restructuring and the discussion about an office conference table? Knowing that things can change rapidly such as they have been the last couple of years, it’s important to keep flexibility in mind when designing an office with Toronto office furniture.

When you need to restructure the office take a look at furniture that can be moved easily from one area to the next. This may include the need for smaller cubicles, chairs with wheels, Toronto office furniture storage solutions that can be moved easily and much, much more.

Flexibility has always been important since businesses are expecting to expand in the future and to experience huge growth. This pandemic has also taught us that flexibility must be accounted for in terms of office furniture since we never really know what the future has in store for us.

Office Furniture for a Safer Conference Room

While we are still working within the confines of the pandemic another idea that will help make your conference room even safer is to set up Plexiglas barriers between individuals. These Plexiglas shields help prevent the spread of the virus. The clear look they provide gives the room an open feel while at the same time providing each worker with safe privacy.

Office dividers can also be used to section off areas of the room as required. Policies can be put in place for usage of the conference room with certain departments or teams using the space at different times. The ventilation system in the room should be checked as well and a filtration system can be set up to limit the amount of germs that may be floating around in the air.

Use screens, dividers and panels to encourage social distancing in all areas of the office. These furniture pieces provide a constant reminder to employees that social distancing is required at all times. A healthy workplace has never been more important than it is now. It’s time to align your office furniture in Toronto with certain guidelines to keep employees as safe as they can impossibly be.

The conference area should be kept as open as possible to encourage circulation and to prevent germs from congregating as much as possible. If there are any windows in the office space they should be kept open when at all possible when meetings are taking place. As well, cleaning of the conference room and all the Toronto office furniture should be done either after every meeting.

When you need office furniture in Toronto to create a safer work space think of GW Furniture first. If you require a larger office conference table to accommodate the demands of the post Covid-19 era or new Toronto office furniture, visit our website at

Essential Modern Office Furniture for Your Home Office

Modern Office Furniture

When it’s time to set up your home office you’ll need to make sure that it is a work space that encourages productivity. Choosing the best layout and the right furniture is an essential part of getting the best backdrop in place for working. Whether you have a large space or a small place to work with, there is some essential modern office furniture that you’ll want to incorporate into the area. This is the place where you’re going to be spending a lot of time and everything you do when setting up your home office should take productivity into account.

The home office you create should include all of the modern office furniture that would be necessary in a professional setting. This includes the following:

  • Comfortable desk
  • Ergonomic chair 
  • Storage cabinets/bookcase
  • Guest chair or sofa

These are the modern office furniture pieces that you should have as a minimum. Before purchasing any office furniture, however, you should measure your space to make sure that all pieces of furniture will be able to fit into the room.

Comfortable Office Furniture Desk

All of the work that you will be doing in your home office will be done at this office furniture desk. Look for the perfect desk that would fit into your home office and make sure that you are searching for something modern. Modern office furniture has been constructed to keep ergonomics in mind and many desks have been constructed to fit the needs of employees that are working from home. Consider the style, the space you have to work with and the comfort of the desk.

There should be enough space available so that you can work properly and don’t have to worry about any clutter piling up. Consider whether you would need a rectangular office furniture desk or an L-shaped desk and then start looking for the perfect one.

Ergonomic Chair

This is the place where you will be sitting for large amounts of time so don’t be afraid to spend extra money for a high quality ergonomic chair. Your productivity and your health both depend on it. A modern office furniture ergonomic chair should also look professional. You don’t want to sit in a chair that is made for a living room, for example, since it won’t add the right atmosphere to the room.

Your working environment should be set up comfortably but professionally. This is the area where you need to get to work. You can relax and watch TV in a reclining chair later on once the work is done. Make sure that the ergonomic chair you choose is one that you would consider putting in an office at your place of employment. Combine comfort with professionalism and you’ll know that you have found the right chair for you!

Storage Cabinets/Bookcase

A cluttered office space will not promote productivity. Make sure that you have storage cabinets and/or a bookcase where you can keep things neatly organized. It can take a lot of time and effort to find things when organization isn’t in place and this will lower productivity significantly.

You’ll need a place where you can store stationery, papers, files etc. these units don’t have to take up a lot of space in the home office but there should be a dedicated space set aside for them. When considering the layout of the home office, think of how storage cabinets and a bookcase could be strategically placed so that they don’t occupy a lot of area in the room.

Guest Chair or Sofa

A guest chair or sofa is always a good thing to include in any home office. If you are going to be meeting any clients in your office it should be considered as a necessity. If you are working at home and there are any other family members living with you, it would be a good idea to get a sofa or a guest chair. This gives visitors to your home office a place to sit while waiting for you to finish something up before attending to their needs. It’s also a great place for children to sit quietly and read a book when they feel like they need to be close to you while you’re working.

Other things to keep in mind that don’t fit into the modern office furniture category but are as equally important include the following:

  • Adequate Lighting Sources

Another thing to keep in mind when setting up your home office is the source of lighting that would work best. You’ll need adequate lighting to promote productivity. If you are working in an office that isn’t providing enough sources of lighting, your eyes will get tired quickly from straining.

Make sure that you have a good source of overhead lighting and pair it with a high-quality desk lamp. You can use the desk lamp when required and turn it off if the lighting gets too bright – especially if your home office is situated in an area of your home where sunlight can stream in at a certain time of the day. 

  • Office Decor 

If you are working in an office at your place of employment you would probably bring along a few personal effects to make the office space your own. Don’t forget to set up a few pictures, plants etc. to make the home office room more personalized. You can set up your personal items on your office furniture desk, bookshelf or storage cabinet. Personal effects don’t take away from the professionalism of the office environment when they are used sparingly. In fact, it helps to personalize your office to a certain degree in order to add some warmth to it.

Affordable Office Furniture

When you’re looking for affordable office furniture Mississauga to set up your home office, visit our website at We offer a wide range of modern office furniture at reasonable prices including a wide selection of ergonomic chairs, office furniture desks, storage cabinets, bookcases and guest seating options. All of our affordable office furniture Mississauga has been manufactured by our company to ensure that we only offer the highest quality furniture to our customers.

A Complete Guide to Functional Office Furniture

Mississauga affordable office furniture

If you’re a typical office worker, you’re spending approximately 5 1/2 hours per day sitting at your desk. When you add this to the time when you are driving to and from work and then sitting down for dinner at night and watching some TV afterwards, it all adds up to a lot of sitting time. It’s important to find functional office furniture to make sure that workers are comfortable at work in order to increase productivity and to maintain their health.

Ergonomic office furniture Mississauga helps to keep the strain off specific parts of the body that are most often affected. This includes the back, the neck, the wrists and anywhere else where a person would usually feel stress on the body if not sitting properly. Ergonomics and office furniture Mississauga go hand-in-hand to ensure a safe workplace has been set up for all the workers.

Modern Office Furniture Designs and Ergonomics

In the past, the design of furniture did not take into account the stress factors that are put on the body when sitting down for extended periods of time. In fact, it has only been recently that we have learned how prolonged sitting can affect the whole body. When one body part is strained, it can negatively affect other areas of the body so that the person leaves work in pain. Fortunately, modern office furniture designs take ergonomics into account and acknowledge the fact that every person is built differently.

Everyone has his own shape and size and what is comfortable for one person may be physically damaging for another. For example, most desks are built at a certain height so there should be chairs available that can be raised or lowered as required to fit the needs of each individual employee. Look for modern office furniture and chairs that are adjustable to provide the comfort required by workers.

Productivity and Affordable Office Furniture

The goal should be to create ideal conditions in the workplace with the best ergonomic Mississauga affordable office furniture. In order to achieve this, there are certain conditions that should be put into place for the following body parts:

Lumbar Support for the Back

Look for ergonomically-designed Mississauga affordable office furniture that provides good lumbar support for the back. If the lumbar area is not well supported, the person will start hunching forward and this will affect the entire posture. The neck, back, head and legs can all be affected if you don’t end up purchasing the right chairs that promote good posture.

Eyes on the Monitor

Search for office furniture that allows workers to put the monitor in an ideal position. The monitor should be situated directly in front of the employee with so that the eyes are positioned to look directly at the top third of the screen. This provides some flexibility as well so that if the person starts to get a little tired during the day and his eyes start to look down, his overall position won’t be affected.

The monitor should also be placed so that it isn’t too close or too far away. Ideally, the employee shouldn’t have to strain his eyes when looking at the screen and in most cases the monitor would be placed somewhere between the knuckles and the fingertips when the person is seated and extends his arms forwards. Make sure that the desks you are purchasing for the office workers are deep enough so that the monitor can be placed at a comfortable distance away from the employees.

Ergonomic Furniture for the Elbows and Arms

The elbows should be resting on the armrest of the chair at an equal level to the desk surface. This will take the strain off the wrists so that they can comfortably rest on the desk surface when writing or typing. The way to accomplish this height is to provide adjustable chairs so that both short and tall people can continue to work in comfort.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can affect the overall productivity in a work environment since it has become a widespread condition due to the increase in computer use in the office. When you select the right office furniture Mississauga you can combat this condition. Information should also be provided to employees regarding the correct posture and placement of their arms so that they are educated about ergonomics in the workplace. Giving them the right tools and the education to use them properly can greatly increase productivity. An employee that is in pain simply won’t be able to produce as much as a person that is pain-free.

The Proper Angles for Feet and Legs

An employee should be given the ability to have his feet resting flat on the floor with his legs positioned at a 90 degree angle. This will help reduce body aches, nerve pain, fatigue and muscle pain. If the legs can’t be at this angle, it can negatively affect blood circulation. Make sure that the modern office furniture you choose provides flexibility for workers so that they are able to adjust to their working conditions. All chairs should provide the ability to adjust the seat height.

Affordable Office Furniture in Mississauga

Ergonomic office furniture should also be affordable. Look for high quality furniture that is offered at a reasonable price before making your selection. Be wary of any furniture you see that is too low-priced since it may not be able to stand the test of time. Make sure that you are buying your Mississauga affordable office furniture from a reputable company that is dedicated to customer satisfaction and has a solid reputation behind it. After all, you’ll want this furniture investment to last for years.

When you’re looking for affordable, high-quality office furniture that has been built to meet rigid standards, please visit our website now at We manufacture and sell our own furniture so that we have the confidence to say that we offer the best office furniture Mississauga.

How Office Furniture Increases Productivity

It’s important for every company to keep productivity at an all-time high in any office environment. When choosing new office furniture, it’s important to keep in mind that every furniture piece has its own role to play in boosting the productivity and the potential of all employees.

When you choose the right office furniture you can bring your company’s productivity to a brand-new level. This is why many large, corporate offices are reinventing their workspaces with furniture makeovers. Stylish, new furniture that replaces old and boring furniture in the workplace has been shown to boost the spirits of the people working there, which in turn increases productivity as a whole.

Modern Office Furniture versus Older, Traditional Furniture

When a work space is surrounded by old and outdated furniture, employees can feel lazy and uninspired. Workers can quickly become tired and unmotivated when boring furniture is surrounding them. Productivity goes down as employees start to lose interest in their work.

Modern office furniture, on the other hand, inspires creativity since it is more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Furniture with sleek lines and modern designs make workers feel like they are in an environment that is being kept up-to-date. Modern office furniture and modern day thinking go hand-in-hand. Motivating employees should be at the top of the list when selecting new office furniture and the productivity of the entire office workforce depends on it.

Lack of Productivity in Workers

When one worker becomes uninspired, this emotion can spread like wildfire amongst other employees. Any company leader must keep this in mind and be on the lookout for any signs of complacency and lack of motivation by any worker. Sometimes changing the layout, the format and the actual office furniture itself is all that’s needed to boost spirits and raise the morale of the whole office.

Lack of productivity in the business can collapse a company very quickly. When employees aren’t producing as they should be, the entire revenue of the business can spiral downwards. If this is happening to your business, take a look around the office to see if anything needs to be done in terms of giving the office a new facelift with up-to-date furniture and a new layout.

When a person isn’t productive in the office, this can spill out into his home life and social life as well. Lack of productivity negatively affects a person’s overall mood at any time of the day. Keep your employees healthy and looking forward to returning to work the next day by keeping their productivity levels as high as possible.

As a manager or as a business owner, there is nothing that should take priority over this one simple factor. When the company is being run like a well-oiled machine, things get done, more projects come in and people across the office are racing around to get things done. The business becomes busier with a flurry of activity occurring in every department.

Choose the Best Office Layout

An office space should be divided into 2 specific zones that include a personal section and a professional area. This is the best way to keep the office working in a professional way. We all have things come up in our personal lives that must be handled during work time such as an emergency at home. When you have a special place set up at work where personal matters can be addressed and where employees can take their breaks and eat food, personal and professional matters won’t get overlapped.

If you can provide employees with a balance between their private lives and their professional work, they will be more productive. When you can keep these matters separated but still balanced you’ll notice that the workflows will be smoother. It’s important to recognize that employees always have a private life to deal with on top of their professional responsibilities.

The office furniture for the private areas should be more casual while at the same time providing an up-to-date look. Provide comfortable yet modern office furniture in the lounge areas and more functional yet aesthetic office furniture in the professional work zones.

Provide Employees with Standing Desks

Recent research has shown that sitting for extended periods of time is bad for our health. It can get uncomfortable or even painful for many employees when they have to sit for a long time in front of a computer. Standing desks are an innovative invention that provides workers with the option of sitting or standing to get their work done.

Standing desks can sit on top of regular office desks and have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Healthy employees are productive employees! It’s quite common for office workers to end up with sore backs and neck problems due to sitting down for too long or not having access to ergonomic chairs in the workspace.

Office furniture Mississauga
Create the Perfect Lighting Conditions

Make sure that all of the employees have access to good lighting across all of the office spaces. The lighting must be bright enough to get the job done but not overly bright since this may cause some employees to develop headaches. LED lights are the best choice for professional office lighting since they don’t flicker like fluorescent bulbs do. The flickering can cause migraines, which will lead to less productivity and more requests for time off. As an added bonus, LED lights are also the most cost-effective lighting option available.

Office Furniture in Toronto and Mississauga

When you are looking for the best office furniture to encourage more productivity from your employees, visit our website at We offer a wide range of office furniture in Toronto and Mississauga, that can give your office space the facelift it deserves. Feel free to fill in the contact form on our site to get more information about our modern office furniture and to receive a free quote. At Golden Wind Furniture, we design and manufacture the furniture required to promote the highest productivity in the workplace.

Select the Right Office Furniture Toronto to Increase Workplace Collaboration

Office furniture Toronto and Mississauga

Companies across the world have been learning more about workplace collaboration thanks to Google and other major companies. These companies have demonstrated that office collaboration provides a number of different benefits in terms of tangible value when a good strategy is put in place. One of the best ways to increase workplace collaboration is to choose the right Toronto office furniture.

It’s not just Facebook and Google that are implementing new changes to make collaboration amongst workers and teams better. Smaller businesses too are implementing changes to create a collaborative culture. It starts with a company policy that is clear and a workspace that is built towards achieving these goals.

Some of the ways that a company can encourage more collaboration include the following:

  • Create an open space design
  • Make the office more project-oriented
  • Create dedicated workspaces for office collaboration
  • Introduce an office conference table
  • Incorporate these ideas while still respecting privacy

When you choose the right office furniture that aligns with these goals, everything else will instinctively align with company policy.

Create an Open Space Design
One of the best ways to encourage collaboration amongst all office staff is to design an open space office. With this type of design, there are no dedicated pods for people and workers can sit where they feel they’d be the most productive. This is a brand-new concept that you may want to test out for yourself to see whether works well for your business or not. Since it is such a new idea, many may reject it at first glance.

The principle behind this idea is that physical borders create mental barriers. Without any physical barriers, workers can feel much more connected to one another, which will automatically encourage collaboration.

Make the Office More Project-Oriented
Most offices are designed to be department-oriented instead of project-oriented. The structure of the organization is the basic foundation of the business and should be run according to efficiency and getting projects done.

There can be many team members that assemble from different departments in order to work on a project. If these team members are spread out in different areas of the office based on the departments they belong to, it can slow down the efficiency of the project. By putting the office desks for project members in the same space, people can talk face-to-face about the project without having to send messages or emails to one another. This naturally inspires more collaboration since the proximity of the office desks promotes faster communication lines.

Create Dedicated Workspaces for Office Collaboration
Use collaboration furniture to your benefit by creating some dedicated office space that is intended specifically for collaboration. Create spaces in the office that can be used for brainstorming or other activities. The idea is to motivate collaboration throughout the office.

The office furniture used for this purpose should be comfortable and casual. Collaborative furniture should not be formal, stiff and uncomfortable. It should be the type of furniture that inspires people to express their creativity on the projects they are working on.

Introduce an Office Conference Table
Every office should have an office conference table where community meetings can be held regularly. Top management along with major managers of projects can talk to all employees to make sure that they are all on the same page. At these meetings the leaders can discuss the challenges they’re facing and the new developments that are in the works.

It’s important to make every employee feel that they are a part of the process and this is one of the best ways to do it. There should be a large office conference table that can seat as many employees as possible. Purchasing a big office conference table is one of the best investments a company can make to ensure growth and to make every employee feel that they are a part of the bigger team.

Office Panel in Toronto – Incorporate These Ideas While Still Respecting Privacy

Every worker in the company must feel that they have an important role in the company and help contribute to the projects that are going on even if they aren’t directly involved. Every business has small teams but there is an overall bigger team that should never be ignored. The company has a mission statement and its own set of goals and it’s important that all employees know what these are by staying involved in company decisions.

At the same time, the respect of privacy can also add to an increase in collaboration. Collaboration should never be mandatory but rather motivated. One of the best ways to provide privacy to employees is to provide them with an office panel in Toronto that allows them to work in a private area. Sometimes people just need to feel separated in order to get a task done properly. This should also be encouraged while at the same time setting up an open office space.

Office Furniture and Its Role in Collaboration

The furniture that you use and the layout of it can help encourage more collaboration within the office. One of the best ways to foster collaboration is to create office spaces that make it happen easily. Encourage more face-to-face time between workers by using the right office furniture, such as flexible modular systems, so that the office space can be adjusted to fit the activities that are going on at the moment. Adaptable furniture also allows you to take better advantage of spaces that are being underused.

When you’re looking for the best office furniture for collaboration within your company, please visit our website now at Our goal is to help businesses increase their bottom dollar by offering high-quality, ergonomic furniture that helps encourage collaboration and higher productivity in the office. We can also help you with the design layout and make helpful suggestions about the best furniture to choose when you are ready to create a new strong and efficient working environment.

Top Tips for Choosing the Best Mississauga Office Furniture

When it comes to picking out Mississauga office furniture, there are many different factors involved with the selection. Whether you have a small office to furnish or need to supply a corporate office with new furniture, the same considerations apply. Here are some of the factors to take into account when you need to buy new furniture for your office:

  • Suitability
  • The size of the office
  • Price
  • Style 
  • Quality
  • Ergonomics
  • Materials and finish
  • Easy to Move
  • Availability

Mississauga office furniture must be functional in nature and match the atmosphere of the organization. It’s important to choose the right office furniture at the beginning to make sure that you are satisfied with it for the long term.


The furniture should be selected based on the type of jobs that will be performed in the office. The furniture selected for an office in a factory will be much different than the furniture required for an office in a corporate setting. Look for adaptable design options that can be catered to multi-purpose uses throughout the workplace.

The Size of the Office

You should be taking measurements before purchasing any type of furniture for your office. Every inch of space matters since it is located in a commercial building. The furniture should not be big enough to make the working area look congested so find out the dimensions first and then plan accordingly. You should also take into account the workers that will be using the furniture to make sure that you only get what you need for the different areas.

Mississauga Affordable Office Furniture

One important thing to consider when you are making a budget for office furniture is the quality you are looking for. Do you want something that will last for years or do you just want something cheap that will get you buy until you have a larger budget to work with? If at all possible, it’s best to choose Mississauga affordable office furniture that has been built to last. If you’re like most businesses, your goal is to grow the company and expand it throughout the years. By purchasing high quality furniture right at the beginning, you won’t have to worry about replacing the office furniture later on down the road.


Even spaces that are quite small can be made into valuable areas by selecting effective and smart furniture. Modern techniques of manufacturing have led to the design of compact furniture, which is great for any commercial office. If you are operating in a home office, there are many different styles to choose from to create an efficient office at home.

The style of Mississauga office furniture you need will also be affected by the type of work being done by employees. In the service sector, office chairs and computer desks are a basic requirement while employees working in other sectors may require components that provide storage space. 

Consider the types of organizational needs for different employees before making a purchase. Some of the most common storage furniture that may be required include:

  • Filing cabinets
  • Bookcases
  • Locked storage lockers and cabinets

In some cases a desktop organizer will be all that’s required while in other instances a selected piece of furniture must be purchased.


There can be a tough balancing act that needs to be made between budget and quality. Concentrate on finding the best quality furniture you can afford. Take a look at any reviews that have been left on a Mississauga office furniture website and examine the commitment to quality stated on the site. You’ll want to work with a reputable company that offers high quality furniture for the office that is reasonably priced as well.


Employees that are able to work comfortably will be more productive and active at their jobs. The best investment you can make is to choose ergonomic furniture. Look for chairs that come with height and swivel adjustment mechanisms and provide lumbar support. While you may have to pay more, it’s well worth the cost.

Materials and Finish

The type of finish you choose will all depend on the tone you want to set in the office. Darker wood can add a warm tone but it can also make the office spaces look darker. Only use dark wood if you have good lighting in the facility you are furnishing. Wood with a lighter tone, on the other hand, can help brighten up a dark place and make it look larger.

Keep in mind that wood and metal are both materials that can last for a lifetime. Office chairs with leather upholstery are very durable but will cost more. Upholstered chairs generally won’t last as long as leather but you can find them in multiple colours.

Easy to Move

As your business expands you may have to move into a new office space. As well, as your company continues to evolve, you may have to shift furniture to meet the new demands of the office workflow. Look for furniture that would be easy to move so that you have flexibility with your office design moving forward.


Find out how long it will take to get the furniture once it has been ordered. In some cases, if you’re not dealing with a local manufacturer, it can take months to get all the Mississauga office furniture you require. Make sure that you ask about the availability of the items so that you don’t end up working out a final price and then having to cancel the order if the delivery timeline is too far in the future.

The Best Office Furniture in Mississauga

At GW furniture we manufacture and sell top-quality office furniture at affordable prices. We understand what contemporary and traditional businesses require to keep business rolling smoothly and what’s needed to prepare for expansion. If you have any questions at all regarding your upcoming purchase, please get in touch with us through our website at We offer the best office furniture in Mississauga and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Finding the Best Reception Station for Your Office

A reception station in an office.

Your reception area represents your company and it’s important that it is perfectly designed. This can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to making a first impression. The reception space is the welcoming area where employees, customers and clients will get their first view of your company. It’s important to find the best reception station for your office that fits your brand perfectly.

You only have one chance to make a lasting impression on your customers, so make it count! A well-designed, classic and elegant reception station along with a friendly receptionist can provide the following benefits:


  • Ensures clients and visitors receive a professional view of your business
  • Optimizes sales
  • Adds a positive vibe to the overall atmosphere of the office
  • Enhances the productivity of your staff

Office Furniture Stores Providing Reception Stations

While there are many office furniture stores that supply reception desks, you should be looking for a company that offers its own designs. Your reception station should not look the same as others on the market. Cookie-cutter reception desks aren’t the best solution when you are trying to make a statement about your company at the front entrance.

You may want to consider spending more on this particular desk than any other furniture in the office. In fact, the reception station should be considered the most important piece of furniture that you can buy for your office. It is the one furniture piece that is going to set the entire tone of the office.

The Reception Area

The reception desk will be a focal point of the entire reception area. It’s important to design this area so that it will be the perfect space for welcoming guests. Every business should have its own independent reception space that is devoted to receiving clients. Ideally it would be a space that is separate from the other offices so that employees can work without any distractions that may be caused by visitors.

The reception station will act as a separate design piece, so take a look at the different designs available to select the best one for your company. Make sure that the dimensions work well with the space you are using since reception desks are available in various sizes. If you see one you like but you think it is too big, take a closer look at the one you have chosen to see if it is available in a different size.

The seating is also an important part of your reception space. Make sure that you offer comfortable seating to your guests. A customer or client that can sit down comfortably will feel more welcome in the area. Look for comfortable and stylish chairs that also match the overall appearance of the reception desk. The chairs should be arranged to create an open feel in the reception area so that nobody feels cramped in the space.

You can also showcase your brand in the reception room so that visitors can appreciate all the hard work you have done and the accolades you have received. Don’t be afraid to put up any awards or certificates on the walls and display them proudly. This is your opportunity to highlight your company and show your guests that they are in the right place. Also, if you have any company articles or magazines, feel free to display them on a table to help promote your brand.

Open Plan Reception Areas

There has been a major shift recently from standard reception desks to more welcoming and modern reception stations. More and more offices now offer open plans and flexible workspaces have become the norm. In spite of this shift, it still remains vitally important to embrace the identity of your company’s brand with your reception station. A high-quality reception desk should visually represent the brand along with the positive experience it creates for its customers. It’s all about creating the right balance to deliver a reception space that provides a positive and lasting first impression.

In light of the new movement towards open plan offices, the reception area may not just be limited to visitors and clients. Employees may need to walk through this area to get from the lunchroom back to their offices. The reception area should inspire well-being and bring about a positive tone to employees that are entering the office at the beginning of the day and traveling through the reception area later on.

Golden Wind Office Furniture Toronto

If you are in search of the highest quality and most unique office furniture Toronto has to offer, look no further than Golden Wind Furniture! Some of the reception station designs we have featured on our website include the following:

A002 Reception Station With a Granite Top

The A002 is available in 3 different sizes and colours. You can choose from the following dimensions:

  • 63” x 63”x 43”
  • 71″ x 71″ x 43″
  • 79″ x 79″x 43″

This is a magnificent desk that is available in mahogany, honey maple or walnut colours.

QT-103 in Silver Grey or Gloss White

The QT-103 is part of our QT Reception Series and is one of our most popular models. It provides a stylish and modern look for your reception area. You can rest assured that visitors and guests will admire this station and you’ll have the choice of choosing from the silver grey model or the gloss white station. The dimensions of this high-end furniture piece are as follows:

  • 36″ depth
  • 107″ width
  • 44″ height

This station incorporates a countertop with a solid surface along with trimming that is made of brushed stainless steel. Allow your company to make the lasting impression it deserves with this reception station.

We have many other sophisticated and stylish reception station models to choose from at Golden Wind Furniture. Browse through our website to see one-of-a-kind reception stations that were created by our designers. We are certain you’ll find one that perfectly matches the tone of your brand.

Choosing the Right Office Chair for Your Executive Desk

An office chair for an executive desk.

When you have an executive desk, it deserves to have an excellent executive chair to go with it. An executive desk that has been paired with a regular office chair just won’t look the same. A high-end desk model can be lowered in stature without the right office chair behind it. In terms of comfort, nothing beats sitting in an executive chair that offers ergonomic features.

Appearance and Comfort of Office Chairs

Choosing the right office chair means finding the perfect blend of both appearance and comfort. Both factors are equally important and you must take them into account when choosing your chair. When you are in charge of the operations for your company or are a manager in charge of a certain sector of the business, you’ll need to make sure that both your desk and your chair play the part. While there are many office chairs to choose from, finding the perfect one for you is important.

As a business manager or owner, you have a lot of responsibility within the company and may have to working longer hours than others. When you have to sit for extended time periods you can end up with muscle fatigue and pain in the lower back. When you choose an executive chair that is ergonomic you can prevent these types of pains from occuring in the first place.

Better Circulation

Sitting for a long time is hard on the body. When you aren’t in the proper sitting position your body’s blood circulation can be hindered. Blood will start to pool up in the legs, calves, ankles and feet. You can possibly end up with varicose veins and if you are sitting for hours at a time there is also the possibility of blood clots forming.

Increased Ability to Focus

As a manager or a business owner, you must be able to concentrate on the important tasks at hand. It’s vitally important that your chair is comfortable so that you don’t get distracted by continually having to change positions. If the chair you’re using doesn’t put you in the proper position, your mind may tend to wander and your focus will become more limited. You’ll also be less able to prevent any pain or stiffness, which can quickly limit your level of concentration.

The best way to keep your circulation moving when you are sitting is to have your legs placed at a 90° angle. For this reason, make sure that you choose a chair for your executive desk that offers an adjustable feature to raise or lower the seat as required. This will help keep your legs at the 90° angle.

Executive Office Furniture

Golden Wind Furniture offers executive chairs that will bring out the best of your executive desk. It’s important to highlight your position in the company by using the best quality furniture. This makes a statement to other employees and shows your place within the company. Executive office furniture is an important part of drawing the lines between executives and employees within a company.

Black High-Back Executive Chair

The high-back executive chair CYE89 is one of the most popular executive chairs at Golden Wind Furniture. It’s made with a black PU leather head rest and cushions and is extremely comfortable. This chair matches perfectly with an executive desk and features an elegant frame of silver grey along with a high-back and many features. It creates an elegant statement in an executive office and should be one of the first chairs you consider.

High-Back Black or Burgundy Executive Chair

If you are looking for a high-end executive chair that makes a statement of elegance, take a look at the high-back executive chair CYW35. It is available in both black and burgundy and is considered to be the best chair within its category. This chair features PU leather cushions in burgundy or black colours with the type of dart pattern that has classically been seen in many executive chairs. It comes with a high-back, a solid frame made of wood and a variety of features. You’ll be able to modify this chair to suit your needs. Give your office the look it deserves with this classic chair.

High-Back Executive Chair with a Silver Frame

The high-back executive chair CYE92 is another popular piece of executive office furniture that offers an eye-catching design. It is similar to the CYE89 that is described above with a PU leather headrest and cushions in black but this one comes with a silver grey frame. It also has a number of features that you won’t want to miss and is second to none in terms of comfort.

High-Back Executive Chair in Black

The CYE157 high-back executive chair offers a one-of-a-kind look with comfortable armrests, headrests and cushions in black PU leather. This executive chair has a dark frame and has been a popular choice with our customers. This is a comfortable high-back chair that is perfect for executives that want the most in style and appearance.

Office Chairs Toronto

When you are looking for the best of the best in terms of office chairs and executive office furniture that are sure to complement the rest of your office decor, it’s time to explore the possibilities at Golden Wind Furniture. When it comes time to furnish your Toronto office and you hold an executive position within the company, you can’t settle for second best.

We offer a wide range of executive furniture and you’re sure to find the right one in our collections. We are also sure that you’ll find our pricing very competitive and we offer the customer service you would expect when purchasing high-end furniture. We have our own factory that has been manufacturing quality office furniture for more than 30 years with an expert team of designers and top-notch quality control. Learn more about our commitment to customer satisfaction on our website at and while you’re there, be sure to browse through our collections of executive desk and chairs.