What Are Bench Desks, Workstations, and Wave Desks?

When it comes time to look for a desk for your workplace or your home office, there are many different choices available. While you’re looking through the different types you may run into some terminology that you don’t quite understand. As you read on, you’ll find out more about the various desk types available on the market today.

Wave Desks 

A wave desk comes with a front end that is curved, which means that it is deeper with more area at one end versus the other. This is especially important for people that are looking for extra support for their hands when operating a mouse. There are built-in configurations that match both right-handed and left-handed individuals and they may help prevent or ease the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome when using the mouse. 

Bench Desks

A bench desk is usually rectangular and is often used in offices with an open plan. They can be laid out one beside the other to create one long desk. These desks are not seen as often as they used to be since workstations hit the scene and lowered the amount of space required as a working area for employees. There are also back-to-back desks that consist of two bench desks with their backs against each other to provide more depth to the desk. When two people are going to be using these desks a screen can be put up between the two to provide privacy.

Workstation Desks

A workstation desk is also known as a radial or a corner desk. They can be extended on either the left or right-hand side of the desk to accommodate larger equipment or to maximize the amount of desk space available on the desktop. They are also available in configurations for both right-handed and left-handed individuals.

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