Best Practices for Your Reception Station

Best Practices for Your Reception Station

Everyone in the office must create a customer experience that is second to none to visitors but the receptionist carries most of this responsibility. This is the person that the customer or client will see first in the office and it’s important to create the best first impression possible. This is the way to create confidence and trust in your company and brand so it’s always important to implement best practices for your reception station.

Maintain a Clean and Tidy Reception Desk

Keep the reception desk and don’t allow it to get cluttered with papers and other objects. Make a list of the items that are allowed on the desk in the form of a checklist. This way, the receptionist knows exactly what belongs and what doesn’t. Other employees should also have a list so that nobody ends up dumping anything on the front desk haphazardly.

Practice Scripts for Welcoming Visitors

Print out a few scripts that can be used to welcome visitors into the office. Have the receptionist practice them and anyone else in the office should also know them if the front desk will be manned by somebody else during breaks and meal times. While every interaction will vary, there should be something said right at the beginning in a welcoming way. When the receptionist knows what to say off by heart, there will never be any room for error when clients and customers make their way into your place of business.

Use a Modern Reception Desk

This is the most important desk for your office so ensure that it is in good shape. If you have to invest in a new modern reception desk, consider it as an investment. A reception desk that has been around for a while is sure to show the passage of time. If you look closely at your older reception station you may notice that it has scratches and dings that you had never noticed before. Create the best impression possible by using a modern desk for your reception station.

Ensure All Employees Arrive on Time

If you have a visitor that is sitting down in the waiting area and sees the employee that he will be meeting with walking through the reception area, it doesn’t make the best impression. Any employees that have a meeting scheduled first thing in the morning or after a break should arrive early for the appointment and be there to welcome the client into the back office.

Create a Welcoming Reception Area

The desk is an important part of creating a welcome reception area but you should also pay attention to other factors as well. Are the chairs in the reception space modern and comfortable? Is there reading material displayed in a neat and organized fashion? Do you have any plans or artwork that would create the right atmosphere for your place of business? Take a look around the reception area in a new unit of time and see if you would feel welcome when entering the room. If you see anything that can be improved, work on it as soon as possible.

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