Modern Reception Desks for Contemporary Offices

reception desk is a welcoming piece of furniture that a client will first see when he walks into your office space. Making a visitor feel welcome includes a friendly receptionist along with an inviting area. Choosing the right reception desk is the most important thing you can do when it comes to furnishing your office

Make a positive and long-lasting impression by showing clients the personality and vision of your business with a high quality reception desk and set the tone of what a client can expect in future dealings with your company. This is your shop-front and you’ll want to showcase your business as being professional in appearance.

The reception desk will act as a design piece and as the focal point of the room. Make an investment in a high-quality desk to receive visitors. Consider the amount of visitors that you can expect to receive at one time and make sure that the desk can accommodate a large number of people if need be.

You may want to dedicate a spot on the desk where you can leave leaflets, flyers and brochures about your company. If a visitor has to take a seat for a few minutes, the desk will provide reading material that gives a person more insight into your business. This is a great time to have clients reading material that outlines your company’s values and beliefs as well as the products or services that you are offering.

A reception desk is much more than a piece of furniture. It provides insight into the type of business you are running and shows how much you value your customers. Choose it wisely and don’t be afraid to spend some extra money on this particular desk. It’s worth the money spent in terms of its intrinsic value.

Gather ideas and inspiration for your contemporary reception area and see the latest trends unfolding for reception desks with a modern design at You can also call one of our friendly office furniture consultants at 905-362-1872 if you have any questions at all about furnishing your office with modern decor

High-End Furniture as an Essential Part of Office Design

It’s easy to take the appearance of an office space for granted once you have become used to the layout and the design. There are, however, usually some modifications that can be made to make the office more appealing and functional. Whether you need to overhaul your office completely or just want to modify it and add some new furniture, choose high-end furniture as a part of your office design. It will stand the test of time and provide the best return on investment.

Redesign or New Design?

Redesigning an office space from the bottom up gives you the flexibility and freedom to draft a design based on the overall needs of the office space. You won’t have to worry about correcting issues when choosing a redesign. If you are operating a startup or are moving to a different building, you may find it easier to start fresh with new furniture rather than trying to figure out what existing pieces will fit into the new space and which ones won’t.

Lifespan of the Furniture

If you are setting up for a long-term work environment, take a look at the high-end furniture available on our website at A work space that is set up for the short-term will focus on productivity and efficiency while a longer-term environment will need to have furniture that can last for years along with permanent amenities such as partitions.

Flexibility of the Workspace

Flexibility is the word of the day when it comes to furniture that has been designed for modern offices. Designers are keeping this element as a priority since most companies are looking for furniture that can easily be moved from room to room.

At the same time, the structural design of the high-end furniture is highlighted. In most cases a worker will be spending 40 hours a week at the office so the furniture must be sturdy, durable, comfortable and appealing. Ergonomically designed chairs and desks have been proven to raise productivity amongst employees so this becomes a must-have feature when choosing new furniture pieces for the office.

Whether you are designing a new office space from scratch or working on a redesign, you can find the best furniture for the space on our website. You can also call 905-362-1872 to reach us in Mississauga or at 905-532-9088 in Vaughan if you have questions or need any help at all with the design.