Choosing the Right Office Chair for Your Executive Desk

When you have an executive desk, it deserves to have an excellent executive chair to go with it. An executive desk that has been paired with a regular office chair just won’t look the same. A high-end desk model can be lowered in stature without the right office chair behind it. In terms of comfort, nothing beats sitting in an executive chair that offers ergonomic features.

Appearance and Comfort of Office Chairs

Choosing the right office chair means finding the perfect blend of both appearance and comfort. Both factors are equally important and you must take them into account when choosing your chair. When you are in charge of the operations for your company or are a manager in charge of a certain sector of the business, you’ll need to make sure that both your desk and your chair play the part. While there are many office chairs to choose from, finding the perfect one for you is important.

As a business manager or owner, you have a lot of responsibility within the company and may have to working longer hours than others. When you have to sit for extended time periods you can end up with muscle fatigue and pain in the lower back. When you choose an executive chair that is ergonomic you can prevent these types of pains from occuring in the first place.

Better Circulation

Sitting for a long time is hard on the body. When you aren’t in the proper sitting position your body’s blood circulation can be hindered. Blood will start to pool up in the legs, calves, ankles and feet. You can possibly end up with varicose veins and if you are sitting for hours at a time there is also the possibility of blood clots forming.

Increased Ability to Focus

As a manager or a business owner, you must be able to concentrate on the important tasks at hand. It’s vitally important that your chair is comfortable so that you don’t get distracted by continually having to change positions. If the chair you’re using doesn’t put you in the proper position, your mind may tend to wander and your focus will become more limited. You’ll also be less able to prevent any pain or stiffness, which can quickly limit your level of concentration.

The best way to keep your circulation moving when you are sitting is to have your legs placed at a 90° angle. For this reason, make sure that you choose a chair for your executive desk that offers an adjustable feature to raise or lower the seat as required. This will help keep your legs at the 90° angle.

Executive Office Furniture

Golden Wind Furniture offers executive chairs that will bring out the best of your executive desk. It’s important to highlight your position in the company by using the best quality furniture. This makes a statement to other employees and shows your place within the company. Executive office furniture is an important part of drawing the lines between executives and employees within a company.

Black High-Back Executive Chair

The high-back executive chair CYE89 is one of the most popular executive chairs at Golden Wind Furniture. It’s made with a black PU leather head rest and cushions and is extremely comfortable. This chair matches perfectly with an executive desk and features an elegant frame of silver grey along with a high-back and many features. It creates an elegant statement in an executive office and should be one of the first chairs you consider.

High-Back Black or Burgundy Executive Chair

If you are looking for a high-end executive chair that makes a statement of elegance, take a look at the high-back executive chair CYW35. It is available in both black and burgundy and is considered to be the best chair within its category. This chair features PU leather cushions in burgundy or black colours with the type of dart pattern that has classically been seen in many executive chairs. It comes with a high-back, a solid frame made of wood and a variety of features. You’ll be able to modify this chair to suit your needs. Give your office the look it deserves with this classic chair.

High-Back Executive Chair with a Silver Frame

The high-back executive chair CYE92 is another popular piece of executive office furniture that offers an eye-catching design. It is similar to the CYE89 that is described above with a PU leather headrest and cushions in black but this one comes with a silver grey frame. It also has a number of features that you won’t want to miss and is second to none in terms of comfort.

High-Back Executive Chair in Black

The CYE157 high-back executive chair offers a one-of-a-kind look with comfortable armrests, headrests and cushions in black PU leather. This executive chair has a dark frame and has been a popular choice with our customers. This is a comfortable high-back chair that is perfect for executives that want the most in style and appearance.

Office Chairs Toronto

When you are looking for the best of the best in terms of office chairs and executive office furniture that are sure to complement the rest of your office decor, it’s time to explore the possibilities at Golden Wind Furniture. When it comes time to furnish your Toronto office and you hold an executive position within the company, you can’t settle for second best.

We offer a wide range of executive furniture and you’re sure to find the right one in our collections. We are also sure that you’ll find our pricing very competitive and we offer the customer service you would expect when purchasing high-end furniture. We have our own factory that has been manufacturing quality office furniture for more than 30 years with an expert team of designers and top-notch quality control. Learn more about our commitment to customer satisfaction on our website at and while you’re there, be sure to browse through our collections of executive desk and chairs.

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