Finding the Best Reception Station for Your Office

Your reception area represents your company and it’s important that it is perfectly designed. This can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to making a first impression. The reception space is the welcoming area where employees, customers and clients will get their first view of your company. It’s important to find the best reception station for your office that fits your brand perfectly.

You only have one chance to make a lasting impression on your customers, so make it count! A well-designed, classic and elegant reception station along with a friendly receptionist can provide the following benefits:


  • Ensures clients and visitors receive a professional view of your business
  • Optimizes sales
  • Adds a positive vibe to the overall atmosphere of the office
  • Enhances the productivity of your staff

Office Furniture Stores Providing Reception Stations

While there are many office furniture stores that supply reception desks, you should be looking for a company that offers its own designs. Your reception station should not look the same as others on the market. Cookie-cutter reception desks aren’t the best solution when you are trying to make a statement about your company at the front entrance.

You may want to consider spending more on this particular desk than any other furniture in the office. In fact, the reception station should be considered the most important piece of furniture that you can buy for your office. It is the one furniture piece that is going to set the entire tone of the office.

The Reception Area

The reception desk will be a focal point of the entire reception area. It’s important to design this area so that it will be the perfect space for welcoming guests. Every business should have its own independent reception space that is devoted to receiving clients. Ideally it would be a space that is separate from the other offices so that employees can work without any distractions that may be caused by visitors.

The reception station will act as a separate design piece, so take a look at the different designs available to select the best one for your company. Make sure that the dimensions work well with the space you are using since reception desks are available in various sizes. If you see one you like but you think it is too big, take a closer look at the one you have chosen to see if it is available in a different size.

The seating is also an important part of your reception space. Make sure that you offer comfortable seating to your guests. A customer or client that can sit down comfortably will feel more welcome in the area. Look for comfortable and stylish chairs that also match the overall appearance of the reception desk. The chairs should be arranged to create an open feel in the reception area so that nobody feels cramped in the space.

You can also showcase your brand in the reception room so that visitors can appreciate all the hard work you have done and the accolades you have received. Don’t be afraid to put up any awards or certificates on the walls and display them proudly. This is your opportunity to highlight your company and show your guests that they are in the right place. Also, if you have any company articles or magazines, feel free to display them on a table to help promote your brand.

Open Plan Reception Areas

There has been a major shift recently from standard reception desks to more welcoming and modern reception stations. More and more offices now offer open plans and flexible workspaces have become the norm. In spite of this shift, it still remains vitally important to embrace the identity of your company’s brand with your reception station. A high-quality reception desk should visually represent the brand along with the positive experience it creates for its customers. It’s all about creating the right balance to deliver a reception space that provides a positive and lasting first impression.

In light of the new movement towards open plan offices, the reception area may not just be limited to visitors and clients. Employees may need to walk through this area to get from the lunchroom back to their offices. The reception area should inspire well-being and bring about a positive tone to employees that are entering the office at the beginning of the day and traveling through the reception area later on.

Golden Wind Office Furniture Toronto

If you are in search of the highest quality and most unique office furniture Toronto has to offer, look no further than Golden Wind Furniture! Some of the reception station designs we have featured on our website include the following:

A002 Reception Station With a Granite Top

The A002 is available in 3 different sizes and colours. You can choose from the following dimensions:

  • 63” x 63”x 43”
  • 71″ x 71″ x 43″
  • 79″ x 79″x 43″

This is a magnificent desk that is available in mahogany, honey maple or walnut colours.

QT-103 in Silver Grey or Gloss White

The QT-103 is part of our QT Reception Series and is one of our most popular models. It provides a stylish and modern look for your reception area. You can rest assured that visitors and guests will admire this station and you’ll have the choice of choosing from the silver grey model or the gloss white station. The dimensions of this high-end furniture piece are as follows:

  • 36″ depth
  • 107″ width
  • 44″ height

This station incorporates a countertop with a solid surface along with trimming that is made of brushed stainless steel. Allow your company to make the lasting impression it deserves with this reception station.

We have many other sophisticated and stylish reception station models to choose from at Golden Wind Furniture. Browse through our website to see one-of-a-kind reception stations that were created by our designers. We are certain you’ll find one that perfectly matches the tone of your brand.

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