Finding the Right Executive Desk for Your Office

Executive desks have been built with busy people in mind. Executives have a lot of work on their plates and require a desk that will suit their needs. In order to meet the needs of middle and upper-management, these desks need to offer more than most other desks. They must be masterfully designed with plentiful surface and storage space.

What Separates an Executive Desk from a Traditional Desk?

Executive desks are usually larger, wider, deeper, and sturdier in design than other types of office desks. There should be a spacious surface area that can accommodate a variety of tasks while at the same time providing enough space for personal items and a lighting fixture.

These desks often have 2 pedestal supports that can be found on the sides, but this is not always the case. Most desks built for executives are also covered at the front so that a visitor cannot see beneath the desk. There are also many drawers on the side where the executive sits, offering a lot of storage space.

Styles and Designs

There are virtually endless styles and designs to choose from and it can get quite confusing when visiting office furniture stores either in person or online. When it comes time to pick out the right desk, you should have an idea ahead of time regarding what to avoid and what would best suit your needs.

How to Choose the Right Executive Desk for Your Office

In order to find the perfect desk, you should take into account your own needs as well as the types of customers you will be hosting at your desk. For example, if you are in the business of selling modern clothing in line with today’s fashion trends, you wouldn’t want to have a vintage style of desk. It just wouldn’t be in line with your company’s work. A vintage executive desk, however, would be perfect for an antique dealer.

If you have a private office and will only be seeing employees once in a while in your office, it is still important for the desk you chose to be consistent with the character of your business. As an executive, you want to set an example for your workers by having your desk be a reflection of your business’s environment and unique characteristics. This is important to keep in mind since personal preferences can often come into play when shopping for an executive desk.

Consider the Office Layout

The desk that you choose must take into account the overall space and size of your office. A desk that is wide and big won’t work if your office is on the small side. On the other hand, if your office is big, you won’t want to get a desk that is too small. It will convey the wrong message to visitors. Some people may think that the company is not doing well since you had to purchase such a small desk!

The office layout will also dictate the shape of desk that would fit best. You can choose from rectangular, L-shaped, and corner desks. If you need a lot of space to do your tasks, an L-shaped desk usually provides the most work surface.

Set a Budget Before Visting Office Furniture Stores

If you haven’t yet set a budget for your new executive desk, it should be done before you start shopping for one at office furniture stores. The executive desk you choose should be a reflection of your standing in the company and it is something that you should be willing to spend more on than other pieces of furniture.

In general, if your business is really strapped for cash at the moment, there are executive desks available that will fit into any budget. Wood and laminate executive desks can prove to be cost-effective solutions while still appearing modern and stylish. If you have a decent budget, solid wood with glass offers a sophisticated look for executives who are looking to impress.

Examine Your Storage Needs

How much storage are you going to need for your office supplies? The desk should be able to hold the things that you need easy access to in order to complete your tasks. The essentials should be kept in the desk drawers and if you need more storage, you may want to consider getting another type of storage solution alongside the desk, such as shelving units or storage compartments.

Determine what you will need to store in the desk and how much space it will require, and keep this in mind when you are shopping for your desk. You’ll certainly want to have enough storage space available in the desk you choose, so consider this as one of the key features you’ll be looking for in an executive desk. At the very least, you will need to make sure that your executive desk, along with the rest of the workstations in your office, meet your local government’s workstation space requirements.

Ornate Desks for Executives

Desks with ornate trimmings are great for any high-end executive with a distinguished role who wants to highlight their stature within the company. Just seeing this type of desk evokes respect from others. You can find ornate desks for executives that have inlay work, elaborate carvings, and fancy accessories including carved knobs or handles. Just make sure that the aesthetics of the desk don’t outweigh its functionality.

Modern Executive Desks

Modern desks have become extremely popular and can work for any executive. They feature sharp angles and new, popular features such as multiple surfaces and USB ports, along with space dedicated for work. These modern desk designs provide smart solutions to meet the needs of executives and ergonomic designs to keep any professional comfortable.

Find an Office Desk in Toronto

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