How to Incorporate Office Panels Into Your Workspace Design

The introduction of the first office panel took place more than 40 years ago. The design was created by a furniture company by the name of Herman Miller. Office panels are available with wheels or without and they are perfect for spaces that need to be separated without adding traditional walls.

The importance and popularity of partitioning office spaces has risen during the years. Employers want to provide individual employees with different workspace environments. Many office buildings provide offices that are open without a lot of traditional wall separation. With office partitions, employees can enjoy their own space and feel more comfortable working in private.

Designing Your Office

Many companies are now working with Toronto businesses that sell office furniture to make sure that their workspaces can be properly segregated to ensure proper workflows. When designing the office space, the workflow of the office environment is the first thing to take into account. When you have the offices partitioned according to the workflow, there will be more productivity.

When first creating the design of the office it’s a good idea to put pen to paper and work out the workflows using arrows. Be sure to use a pencil so that anything can be erased if need be. Sometimes this can be more difficult than it seems at the beginning but when you continue along with the process you’ll work your way through it. At the end, you’ll see how everything fits together.

After this has been accomplished it’s time to start designing the office space. A simple design using boxes as office spaces drawn out on paper is an excellent way to get started. After this has been done, you’ll want to start drawing out the office spaces to scale. Use graph paper and first outline the width and length of the entire office space available. Sometimes the space isn’t totally square or rectangular so you’ll need to take this into account as well.

If you’re dealing with a very large space and will need a lot of partitioning to set up the private office spaces, you may need to use more than one sheet of graph paper. Use as many as you need so that you can incorporate the entire layout all in one go.

Start drawing out the individual office spaces according to the plan you made with the boxes you drew beforehand. See how everything can fit in and make adjustments as necessary.

Office Furniture Layout

The next thing you’ll need to do to design your office space properly is figure out where the furniture will go. Since you’ll be using graph paper, take a quick measurement of the furniture you currently own so that you can roughly draw it to scale. If you are a new startup company and don’t have a lot of furniture you’ll need to visit one of Toronto office furniture stores. You may also discover when doing the planning that your furniture is too big and outdated.

You’ll want to make sure that there is plenty of room to walk around the partitioned spaces and big furniture just won’t do the job. There are modern desks available that are small enough for areas that are tight on space that may fit perfectly. There are also office desks on the market these days that are perfect for larger offices which are currently in fashion.

Office Panels in Toronto

When you are creating the design, figure out how many office panels or cubicles you will need. While there are many different types of office panels available, you should look for ones that come with adjustable legs. It’s hard to tell from a design workout just how tall you’ll want them to be. When you choose an office panel with adjustable legs, employees can make the adjustments that suit them best.

You should also shop for office partitions that have the option of having attached wheels. When you opt for wheels on your panels you’ll be able to easily move them around when you want to switch up the design pattern of the office space at a later date.

Free standing office panels are perfect for any space that needs separation without having to add walls. They provide privacy while at the same time respecting the open floor plan of the company office. They also allow employees to personalize their own workspace.


Wall partitions are a cost-effective method of dividing an office. Most landlords won’t allow you to build walls anyway and if you own the property setting up permanent walls doesn’t leave any room for adjustments down the road. Panels are practical, leave the door open for rearrangements and expansion and they are easy to clean. As well, if a panel does happen to break, it’s not expensive to replace it. Fixing or replacing an office panel would cost a fraction of the price of fixing or replacing a permanent wall.

Office Panels for Better Lighting

An office panel can block out some of the direct sunlight that enters the office over the course of the work day. Intense sunshine can become distracting and make it difficult for an employee to be productive. The sunlight can also heat up the area significantly, making workers very uncomfortable. It’s definitely a lot harder to work when you have to concentrate on squinting against the sunshine or when the temperature is too hot.

The partitions help with managing the lighting in individual workspaces. Every employee can either use the lighting available in the office from overhead lights or can add a desk lamp as required. Lighting is an important part of keeping production at an all-time high and the ability of workers to be able to adjust lighting to fit their own needs is invaluable.

Office Furniture Toronto

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