Make Your Lobby Look Its Best with a Modern Reception Desk

As the Covid-19 pandemic starts to wind down, your customers and clients will be returning in droves. You have your front doors open and ready to welcome them in and the first thing they’re going to see is your lobby or reception area. This is the time when you will make either a great first impression or a bad one. If the desk you have currently in your lobby isn’t up to par you should be looking for a modern reception desk soon.

The Reception Station Is the First Point of Contact

When a client enters your premises the first point of contact he will have with an employee from your company is at the reception station. This is where a friendly greeting will be made and the person can sign in and let his presence be known. If you currently have an older reception station that has seen better days, now is the time to upgrade to a modern reception desk.

Businesses rely on their reputations to either make it or break it in both the off-line and the online world. Impressions are made within the first few seconds and if you have created a negative impression right from the beginning it will be an uphill battle to get it to swing in a positive direction. A modern reception desk is a must-have piece of furniture and it should be considered to be the most important piece in the office.

Assess Your Reception Area

The first thing that you should do when you want to spruce up your lobby is go outside and enter the area with a fresh new pair of eyes. Take a look around and see what you notice about the look and the ambience of the space. Have some of your employees do this as well and be sure to take notes for easy reference later on. Compare your notes and see what comes up. You may be dealing with older furniture in the form of a reception station, chairs, couches, end tables, shelving units and coffee tables. Make sure that you spend enough time doing this exercise so that you can dig deeper to find anything you may have overlooked within the first few minutes.

Another thing you can do is to talk to some older and well-established clients that you feel you can trust. Ask them what they think of your reception area and what could possibly be done to improve it. Most people love being asked for advice and will be more than happy to tell you what they think about the area. You may find that you get some great feedback by doing this. After all, these are actual customers that deal with your company and usually they will be speaking on behalf of the rest of your clientele.

Keep the Reception Station and the Area Tidy and Clean 

Although this seems like it’s just stating the obvious, keeping the reception station and the lobby tidy and clean should be a priority. Make sure that the carpeting has no stains on it, the couch and chairs don’t look like they were picked up at a secondhand shop and that the shelves don’t have a deep layer of dust on them. If your reception area or lobby looks like it has been neglected, your customers and clients may come to the conclusion that you don’t pay a lot of attention to detail and don’t really care that much about your business.

Sort through Your Reading Material

You may have some reading material placed on a coffee table, end tables or even at the reception station. If you have magazines that date far back into history, you can be sure that your customers will notice. Keep up with a regular subscription to a few magazines that pertain to your niche and don’t keep any magazines lying around that are more than 3 months old. When you have a modern reception desk it should be adorned with the latest magazines that reflect the current times. Assign the receptionist the job of discarding older magazines and this will also help to reduce a cluttered look within the reception area.

Take Good Care of Your Living Plants

Plants with dead leaves are an eyesore in any room. The receptionist should be assigned the task of taking care of the plants, which should not just include watering them regularly but tending to any overgrowth and dead leaves when necessary. The plants should be pruned from time to time as part of the overall maintenance of the reception area. A modern reception desk should never have an overgrown plant on it that looks like it’s dying.

Take a Look at Your Artwork

If you’re going to be upgrading your lobby it’s time to also assess the artwork that you have hanging on your walls. Do they look old and faded? If you are going to be getting a new modern reception desk, will the artwork that is currently on your walls fit the new contemporary decor? Artwork should highlight the tone of the reception area. If your artwork is outdated, get it replaced as quickly as possible.

Use Comfortable Office Chairs

Besides making a statement in terms of the appearance of your reception area you should also ensure that your office chairs are comfortable. The comfort of your Toronto office chairs and couches that you have set up in your lobby also add to the overall ambience of the room. An uncomfortable client will not be a happy client and may see the things around him in a different way. No matter how much you make your reception area look great, your efforts can all be defeated when you don’t have high-quality Toronto office chairs available in the lobby.

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