The Benefits of Using Standing Desks with Office Furniture

If you haven’t heard of standing desks before, they are small desks that fit onto larger desks and they can be raised up or down as needed. You’ll have the option of choosing the right height for you and you can sit or stand to work as you want. They have become increasingly popular during the last few years due to the immense health benefits they offer. If you have been looking at standing desks for office furniture in Toronto then find out what the benefits are and why you should get one today.

Sitting for Long Periods of Time Is Detrimental to Your Health
Studies have shown that sitting too long is bad for your health. Office workers and even people at home that sit for a length of time every day run a higher risk of developing heart disease and diabetes and there is an increased risk of dying earlier. Sitting for long periods of time doesn’t burn a lot of calories, which contributes to obesity and weight gain.

This is a huge problem for people that work at offices because they are required to sit for the majority of the day. As a result, they are at more risk of developing health conditions. Standing desks are the solution and they pair well with modern Toronto office furniture.

Also known as sit/stand desks and height-adjustable desks, studies also suggest that the use of them can increase productivity in the office. When you want to improve your health, standing desks are worth looking at.

Obesity and Weight Gain
Obesity and weight gain are on the rise across the country. It just stands to reason that you’ll be at a lower risk of gaining weight when you use a standing desk since standing burns more calories than sitting. It’s been estimated that the average person will burn more than 170 extra calories by standing for an afternoon versus sitting. When you add this up over the course of a week a person will burn about 1,000 more calories by simply standing instead of sitting at Toronto office furniture standing desks.

Modern Office Furniture, Standing Desks and Blood Sugar Levels

Today’s modern office furniture takes into account that many employees will be using standing desks. When you need a new office desk take a look at the new modern ones that are on the market today. They accommodate the standing desks that have also been linked to lowering blood sugar levels. This is especially important for people that are suffering from Type II diabetes or insulin resistance.

Research has shown that blood sugar spikes that are common after lunch can be reduced by 43% when a person stands instead of sits. Another study has shown that alternating between sitting and standing every half-hour during the workday may reduce spikes in blood sugar by as much as 11%. These are huge findings that can positively impact the health of employees.

May Lower the Risk of Developing Heart Disease
Experts suggest that prolonged sitting may increase the risk of developing heart disease by as much as 147%. Even exercising for an hour cannot undo the negative effects caused by an entire day of sitting. It has been widely accepted by the medical community that the more you sit, the greater chance you have of developing this horrible disease.

Reduces Back Pain
When using standing desks with modern office furniture you may find that your back pain gets alleviated. Back and neck pain are some of the most common complaints of workers in offices that have to sit for their jobs. Participants in a recent study reported that their neck and upper back pain was reduced by 54% after using standing desks for 4 weeks. This is a dramatic improvement and for workers that are suffering from neck or back pain due to prolonged sitting, this is the perfect solution.

Standing Office Desk to Increase Productivity

A standing office desk can help increase productivity in the office. It doesn’t take long before you’ll get used to working in a standing position and with energy and mood levels improving, productivity can get a significant boost. Office managers should consider combining modern office furniture with standing office desks to keep productivity in the office place at an all-time high.

Sitting can be difficult for a person’s mental health as well. When an office worker has to remain in a fixed position for hours at a time it can be a heavy load to bear. The shoulders slump forward and the head tilts forward in a way that can put a lot of strain on the employee both physically and mentally. Giving the employee the option to sit or stand gives the worker flexibility, which is good for the person’s overall health.

Standing desks can improve mental health, are good for the metabolism and reduce the risk of developing a number of chronic diseases. While it certainly would be a lifestyle change, it’s an important one to make. It’s best to get started slowly with them by standing at your office desk Toronto 50% of your time and then sitting for the other 50%. You can then spend more time standing according to your own personal preference.

Modern Office Furniture in Toronto
Standing desks should be only a part of a Toronto office furniture update for the workplace. Ergonomic chairs should also be purchased as well as new desks that are the appropriate height for workers. Reception desks and executive desks may also need to be replaced in order to give the office a fresh, new look.

When it’s time to boost morale in the office by providing more comfortable furnishings it’s time to take a look at GW Furniture. We provide modern office furniture that is perfect for standing desks along with the other types of furniture you may require at affordable prices. See our line of furniture for today’s contemporary workplace by visiting our website now at

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