Is It Time to Redesign Your Reception Area?

The reception area is the first impression that people will receive of your office and of your company so you need to put your best foot forward when redesigning it. The reception area reflects the personality and the vision of your business to every potential employee, guest and client that walks through the doors.

This reception area presents the first indication of the flows, texture and the layout of the office and of the company. If you haven’t updated the reception area in your office lately, it may be time to do so now. You don’t want the first impression of your company to be outdated or completely stuck in a different era of time.

When a person arrives, he will not only see the reception area first but will experience it firsthand for an undetermined amount of time. He may have to wait a minute or even half an hour in the room and there are controllable factors that are creating an impression. People will be working through the reception area, which will create a flow and guests will be able to see any design branding that has been carried into the room.

Make sure that the reception area is designed carefully according to functionality, branding, aesthetics and company values. While some reception rooms should be based on creativity and innovation, others should be stressing elegance and minimalism. Decide on what type of visual message you want to extend to the guests that visit and then redesign the area accordingly.

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